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Durch seine Schlagkombinationen kann diese Klasse in den Dungeons richtig aufräumen. Deshalb ist er auch bei Spielern, die viele Pilze einsetzen, sehr beliebt. Oft wird der Berserker für Speedruns genutzt, dabei verbrennen die Spieler Tausende Pilze, um innerhalb weniger Tage nach Serverstart Level 200+ zu erreichen The attributes of intelligence and skill are important in the fight against the other two classes, mages and hunters. You should be taken into account with 7-15%. Hits your warrior in a arena fight to a scout/hunter, leads his attacks on the attribute skill from. The higher the skill values of the warrior has, the weaker the damage of the hunter-attack fails. The two skill values of the hunter and of the warrior are offset against each other. Accordingly, it looks at the mage. For a balanced mage, you should distribute your points to 30% intelligence, 30% on luck, 15-25% to endurance, and 7-15% in the rest of the attributes. Mages don't value the thickness of armor. Try to keep the armor value at 10%. Shakes and Fidget: the magician Hallo ich habe bei Shakes and Fidget (s34) 2 Charaktere, aber seit der neuen Version die heute (glaube ich) erschienen ist, weiß ich nicht wie ich mich ausloggen kann, weil wenn ich 2 fenster mit Shakes and Fidget öffne, werde ich bei beiden bei dem selben Charakter eingeloggt. Also wir logge ich mich jetzt aus. Danke schonmal im voraus. ; Welche ist am besten und passt super zu mir? Das uvm. in Shakes and Fidget★ DORZER bei Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d0... Welche Klasse soll ich nehmen

Scout is the best class, every single player can tell you that If you want to spice up things a bit, choose assassin (since is harder than scout but equally good, I'd say). About late game, scout is still the one that clears dungeons faster because of its 50% dodge chance - Assassin. This class is the mix of mage and scout. Can wield dual weapons, and his dodge rate is the same as Scout's. Strikes twice. Reflexes: 50% evade chance, armor: 25% damage reduction. Repels fireballs Attribute bonuses: strenght +1 dexterity +6 intelligence -1 constitution +4 luck +3 - Battle Mage. an armored Mage with a Warrior weapon. Fireball attack before the actual fight, Opponent loses 33% of Hit Points. Magic shield: 40% Damage Reduction. Armor: 10% Damage Reduction. The eighth class in Shakes & Fidget brings a mix of the three basic classes: Mage, warrior and scout. While the druid's magic damage is significantly reduced (-66%!), you get a complete warrior and scout with the druid's masks. The Masks of the Drui Von der Frage, welche Spielklasse sollte gewählt werden, bis hin zu monströsen Dungeons in der Pyramide des Wahnsinns. In diesem Guide wirst du bis Level 110 an der Hand genommen für einen angenehmen Einstieg in Shakes & Fidget

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  1. Pełne humoru RPG na podstawie kultowego komiksu! Stwórz i rozwijaj własnego bohatera w pełnym niebezpieczeństw świecie opanowanym przez plagę morderczych królików i piekielnych oblubienic! Przeżywaj ekscytujące przygody, zbieraj doświadczenie i złoto, zdobywaj cześć oraz poważanie i załóż ze znajomymi własną gildię
  2. Alles was Du über Shakes und Fidget wissen musst, findest du bei uns. Alle neuen Features, Gegner, Dungeons und mehr... Das Wichtigste zum Einstieg ins Spiel Bei Shakes und Fidget dreht sich alles um Gold, Erfahrung und andere Spieler kloppen
  3. Floor 9 = Level 102 Octopus (Strength: 480, Dexterity: 1880, Intelligence: 470, Constitution of 1600, Luck: 690) Hit points: 659 200. Floor 10 = Level 110 Pirate Leader (Strength: 520, Dexterity: 2040, Intelligence: 510, Constitution: 1760, Luck: 750) Hit points: 781 440. Dungeon 5. The Emerald Scale Altar
  4. The fun Shakes & Fidget browser game. OK CANCEL. Paste. We use cookies that do not contain personal data about you in order to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyze traffic to our website. We also share information about how our site is used with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Our partners may collate this information with other.

Das lustige Rollenspiel im Comic-Stil! Bastle Deinen eigenen Helden und tauch ein in eine gefährliche Welt voller Monsterhäschen und Höllenbräute! Besteh spannende Abenteuer, sammle Erfahrung, gewinne Gold, erlange Ehre und gründe zusammen mit Freunden Deine eigene Gilde Please note that this guide is written for players who do not intend to purchase mushrooms with real money. 1 FAQ 1.1 Q: How should I spend my mushrooms? 1.2 Q: How should I allocate my stats? 1.3 Q: What should I buy from the weapon or magic shop? 1.4 Q: When should I use potions? 1.5 Q: Is arena good? 1.6 Q: Should I take quests which give exp or gold? 1.7 Q: Should I do dungeons higher than. Shakes & Fidget - Formulas > Info > Class and Race Bonus and penalties for class and race. In the Shakes & Fidget game there are 8 Races and the 3 Classes. Additionally, you can choose the gender. The last one does not affect our statistics. However, Races and Classes have bonuses and penalties. Note that you can change gender and Race at any time during the game using the Change under. The fun Shakes & Fidget browser game. We use cookies that do not contain personal data about you in order to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyze traffic to our website

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  1. Shakes & Fidget - The Game - Supportboard > Board Archives > Archive Game & Support: Best Class User Name: Remember Me? Password: FAQ: Members List: Calendar: Search: Today's Posts : Mark Forums Read: Notices: Hi guest, welcome to the forum! Please read the following links: Board rules +++ FAQ section +++ Game manual You may have to register before you can post: click on Register to proceed.
  2. Welcome to Dis & Fidget! Big Update! (25.08.2016) Server uptime: 100% Quests: 100% Doungen: 100% Fortress: 100% WC: 100%: Top 10 Shakes and Fidget acc!!! Shakes & Fidget/ S&F Game 01/14/2015 - Browsergames Trading - 13 Replies Ich verkaufe hier einen Shakes and Fidget Acc, der sich meistens in den top 5-15 (~top 10) aufhält. Server 26 Beschreibung: Eigenschaft: Kundschafter Pilze vorhanden: Ja zurzeit 16 Email: Ja, vorhanden Greifdrache 15 Tage noc
  3. Shakes and Fidget is a fun free-to-play fantasy RPG satire and an award-winning role-playing game at the same time! Over 50 million players make it one of the most popular online games in the world! Customize your own comic book hero and conquer the top slot of the Hall of Fame! It's not an easy task with real players standing between you and victory in the PVP arena. Together with your pals.
  4. Es stehen bei Shakes & Fidget 7 Spielerklassen und 8 Völker zur Auswahl. Hier siehst du, welche Vorteile die einzelnen Klassen und Völker am Anfang des Spiels haben. Die Werte sind Boni auf die Startattribute. Diese Startboni geben einen kleinen Vorteil besonders zu Beginn des Spiels, sind aber nicht zwingend für ein erfolgreiches Spielen notwendig. 1 Klasse 2 Volk 2.1 Bündnis 2.2 Meute.

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  2. Der Osterhase bringt großartige Neuigkeiten für Fans von Shakes & Fidget. Als Meister der Verstohlenheit sollen Assassinen bald als vierte spielbare Klasse in SFGame zur Verfügung stehen. Außerdem wird es einen neuen Dungeon mit 20 Etagen in Licht- und Schatten-Form geben. Jetzt Shakes und Fidget spielen . Das XXL-Oster-Update. Nein, das ist kein verfrühter Aprilscherz. Playa Games hat.
  3. Shakes and Fidget Overview. Strap on your armor, hop on your cow, and take a stroll through the magical and satirical world of Shakes and Fidget, a free-to-play 2D visual novel style MMORPG that aims to tickle your funny bones. Create your own cartoony hero from 8 iconic races and 3 playable classes. Embark on absurd quests for the local.
  4. The fun Shakes & Fidget browser game. Your browser does not support WebG
  5. Recommended classes for Mages are Dark Elves. You might notice that I didn't balance trash stats (term for stats other than main, con and luck), It works for me to do them like this, because you already have a slight advantage over those classes. Hunters>Warriors, as they can dodge their attack. Mages>Hunters, as they can't miss against them
  6. Shakes & Fidget Völker, Klassen und Attribute: Volk und Klassenwahl, Tipps zu den Attributen, Tipps zu den Klassen, 3 Klassen - Pro und Contra, Tipps für die Gilde
  7. Es stehen bei Shakes & Fidget 7 Spielerklassen und 8 Völker zur Auswahl. Hier siehst du, welche Vorteile die einzelnen Klassen und Völker am Anfang des Spiels haben. Die Werte sind Boni auf die Startattribute

It is really important to keep the computer open to read the data from the account after you connect it. After these moves, just press the Link button. 3 - Pick how many services you want to add to your account and press Generate.. Shakes and fidget hack gold 0000000 iphone Bei Shakes & Fidget können Sie sich mithilfe von Cheats keinen Vorteil verschaffen, denn es gibt keine. Das ist jedoch auch gut so, denn bei einem Multiplayer-Browsergame würde das sowohl die Atmosphäre als auch den Spielspaß verderben. Es wird auch in Zukunft keine Cheats geben, da das Spiel auf den Servern der Spiele-Entwicklern läuft

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence Constitution Luck Hit Points Experience; 1: 1: Ghost 10: Mage: 48: 52: 104: 77: 47: 1.694: 1.287: 1: 2: Skeleton 12: Warrior: 120: 68: 59: 101: 51: 6.565: 1.785: 1: 3: Undead 14: Warrior: 149: 78: 69: 124: 65: 9.300: 2.395: 1: 4: Devious Vampire 16: Scout: 84: 195: 83: 131: 94: 8.908: 3.146: 1: 5: Night Ghoul 18: Warrior: 214: 135: 122: 260: 142: 16.055: 4.050: 1: 6: Banshee 22: Mage: 97: 99: 30 - For the first time in the history of Shakes & Fidget there is a new class: the Assassin - New dungeon Time-honored School of Magic with 20 floors each (Light and Shadow World) - You regain resources for selling (shops) or dismantling upgraded items (Blacksmith) now - Maximum pet level increased to 200 - Balancing: nerfed some dungeon enemies - Several minor bug fixes and improvement The fun Shakes & Fidget browser game. Your browser does not support WebG

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Trying to find games like Shakes and Fidget? Try these 0 great games that are similar to Shakes and Fidget, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive list of best games like Shakes and Fidget that have been tried, tested and recommended The fun role-playing game! Create your own hero and plunge into a dangerous world filled with monster bunnies and hell brides! Survive exciting adventures, gain experience, win gold, achieve honor and start your own guild together with your friends

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Die ist ein Shakes and Figdet Quiz das dir zeigt welche Klasse am besten zu dir passt. Viel Spaß!:) Was beschreibt dich am Besten O divertido jogo de interpretação de papéis baseado na banda desenhada de culto! Cria o teu próprio herói e mergulha num mundo perigoso repleto de coelhinhos monstruosos e noivas infernais! Sobrevive a emocionantes aventuras, aumenta a tua experiência, ganha ouro, alcança a honra e cria a tua própria guilda com os teus amigos Shakes And Fidget Shakes & Fidget Game DeviantArt Comics, Shakes And Fidget Classic PNG is a 561x996 PNG image with a transparent background. Tagged under Shakes And Fidget, Shakes Fidget, Game, Deviantart, Comics Cheat Codes for Shakes and Fidget. To get Unlimited Mushrooms in Shakes and Fidget use this Cheat Code - PKn-2603fccf49. To Hack Gold use this Code - Fk-68c424e782. Cheat Code for free in-app purchases - FP-71687f8b7d. Also we have another two cheats, but we have not tested them yet. You can safely use them too

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Shakes And Fidget Classic Link Free Game Android, Android PNG is a 512x512 PNG image with a transparent background. Tagged under Shakes And Fidget, Shakes And Fidget Classic, Link Free, Game, Android Authors Playa Games GmbH Shakes and Fidget hack tool Review best - 7k / Tags - Free to Play Authors Playa Games GmbH Shakes and Fidget hack tool Review best - 7k / Tags - Free to Play . Ameba Ownd - 無料ホームページとブログをつくろう. Blog; 2019.09.04 11:17. 2019 FREE TO PLAY TAG SHAKES AND FIDGET HACK MOD TOOL [IOS] Authors Playa Games GmbH Shakes and Fidget hack tool. Il divertente gioco di ruolo dal fumetto cult! Crea il tuo eroe e immergiti in un pericoloso mondo pieno di leprotti mostruosi e spose infernali! Affronta avvincenti avventure, accumula esperienza, guadagna oro, accresci il tuo onore e fonda con gli amici la tua gilda Shakes und Fidget. Wer auf Abenteuer steht und nach kostenlosen Browser-Rollenspielen sucht, der ist in Shakes und Fidget an der richtigen Adresse. In diesem Browsergame erlebt man witzige Geschichten in der von MMORPGs inspirierten Comic Welt der beiden Charaktere namens Fidget, der Magier und Shakes, der Krieger. Quests. Hütchenspieler. Epics

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Shakes and Fidget ist ein deutschsprachiger Webcomic.Die Schöpfer sind Oskar Pannier (Story, Text) und Marvin Clifford (Story, Zeichnungen). Aus dem Comic entstand das Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Shakes & Fidget - The Game, auch bekannt als sfgame, das am 22.Juni 2009 erschien und von Playa Games entwickelt wurde. Beim Spiel haben sich nach Angaben der Internetpräsenz. Shakes and Fidget Classic Android 2.88.1366-normal APK Download and Install. De grappige RPG met 50 miljoen spelers! De oude app voor slecht presterende telefoons Det sjove rollespil efter kulttegneserien! Byg dine egne helte og begiv dig ind i en farlig verden fuld af monsterkaniner og brude fra helvede! Tag på spændende eventyr, saml erfaring, vind guld, opnå ære og opbyg dit eget lav sammen med dine venner How to Play Shakes & Fidget? Shakes & Fidget is a fun and hilarious MMO game. Your journey will begin as you step inside the tavern to choose your first quest. You'll get to fight fearsome foes alongside other players from all across the globe while you search for fortune and glory. Game Controls . USE THE MOUSE to use menus, look through items, etc Setting of Shakes and Fidget Hack is simple, no additional skills are required from the player. Develop a hero is very simple, gold can be borrowed from the vanquished or exchanged in the shop trader unnecessary things. The guild is easy to create, you can look at each other's things and see what skills you need to pump. The higher the commander's level, the more people you can take to your company and the more likely you are to defeat your enemies without much loss. An interesting battle.

Generate unlimited Mushrooms in game by using our Shakes and Fidget hack tool. You can use our hack whether you're on a phone, tablet or PC. It works for Android & iOS devices and you don't need to jailbreak or root. By using our online cheats tool, you don't need to download something like install hack tool exe file to your computer because our tool is browser based. And also Shakes and Fidget cheats is frequently updates and easy to use. just click button below to start Best Shakes And Fidget Hack â first and working Cheats on Android/iOS for Free Gold and Mushrooms! Shakes and Fidget Hack SF Game Hack for free now! Download here: bit.ly/sfgamehack Shakes and Fidget hack/Bot + Download link Neue Pilzcodes yay ist diesesmal.. People who fidget a lot are generally more prone to mind wandering and daydreaming.We also often tend to fidget while our mind is wandering during a task. If your mind wanders, you are likely to. Fidget toys can help students focus, give them a much-needed break, and bring a little serenity to the classroom. Here are some of the best fidget toys you can get or make for the classroom. Yes, there are some great DIY opportunities if you're the creative type. You'll also save a few bucks, too

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Shakes and Fidget Hack in-App Purchases free gold Online generator. get infinite gold. Follow VIP MOD's posts. Follow Recent posts. UNO and Friends cheats hack free coins generator online In-App Purchase version that actually work. Mar 27, 2020. Asphalt 8 Airborne cheats hack free Credits Stars Tokens generator online In-App Purchase version that actually work . Mar 27, 2020. YAHTZEE With. shifting your weight. folding and unfolding your arms. crossing and uncrossing your legs. If your fidgeting is disrupting your ability to perform your daily activities, sleep at night, or manage. The latest ranking update: 2021-03-31 09:35:18. The server started: 0 lat, 3 months, 15 days ag

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Description: We are glad that you chose to play Shakes & Fidget on GameSheep.com, the most dynamic free online games website. If you like this game Shakes & Fidget don't forget to rate it and this way you will help with selecting only the best games for the home page The Tangle Jr is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD 1 of 14 1. Tangle Jr. This mini version of the original Tangle fidget — a longstanding classic — is ideal for young children with busy fingers. Tangles are quiet and easily hidden in a hand or under a desk, making it a discreet and unobtrusive fidget for school KCHKUI Fidget Cube. KCHKUI Fidget Cube. This little KCHKUI fidget cube fits in your hand and offers the tactile feedback your hands are after. It comes with a 2-year guarantee, which is pretty. Shakes and Fidget ist ein deutschsprachiger Webcomic. Die Schöpfer sind Oskar Pannier (Story, Text) und Marvin Clifford (Story, Zeichnungen). Aus dem Comic entstand das Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Shakes & Fidget - The Game, auch bekannt als sfgame, das am 22. Juni 2009 erschien und von Playa Games entwickelt wurde. Beim Spiel haben sich nach Angaben der Internetpräsenz des Spiels über 40 Millionen Spieler angemeldet. Es ist in 25 Sprachen erschienen Beth Tyson, MA, a Pennsylvania-based psychotherapist for children and families who specializes in grief and trauma, agrees that simple, often inexpensive items, can put kids in the best mindset for learning. A handful of pom-poms might do the trick for some kids, while kneading silly putty works for others. Tyson also loves attaching velcro stickers under their desk, allowing for a quiet, low-key fidget toy, o

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With thousands of free games, we have something for everyone. If you've just got a few minutes, check out one of our Quick Games. If you want multiplayer games, we've got that too. We've even got a great selection of Board Games and Card Games. And the best thing about all of these games? They are FREE! Spend some time today honing your skills on any one of our various games. You'll be. Best Overall: BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle; Best Stainless Steel: Contigo Shake & Go Fit; Best Electric: Pr omixx Battery Powered Shaker Bottle; Best 2-in-1: Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle; Best Glass: Ello Splendid Glass Shaker; Best for Travel: ShakeSphere Tumbler Shaker Bottle; Best Without Blending Ball: Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottl

Easy to use, the Infinity Cube rotates from any angle or direction for free-flowing movement. Made of durable, non-toxic ABS plastic, it is recommended for children ages 8 and up. Each side of the cube also has a different ocean-themed graphic with a whale, sea turtle, sea anemone, or tropical fish. Best Ball: Manzelun Kinetic Desk Toy . Buy on Amazon. For a fun, fidget spinner ball, opt for. Sorry! This version of Minecraft requires a keyboard. Please try again on another device Die neuen Episoden von Shakes & Fidget. Rote Staffel. Die Shakes & Fidget Klassike Der Kundschafter gilt als ausgeglichene Klasse. Er kämpft mit Pfeil und Bogen (macht nur optisch einen Unterschied). Er profitiert etwas weniger von Ausdauer als der Krieger, aber noch deutlich mehr als der Magier. Fazit: Nicht so viel Leben wie der Krieger und weniger Schaden als der Magier. Der Magier: Der Magier gilt als offensive Klasse

Conversely, my friend's son relies on them daily to help him pay better attention to his classes. Would a fidget or sensory toy be calming any of your kids, helping them pay attention to their online school? It's worth a try! Here are some of the best recommendations that work for many kids including my friend's son. (Taken directly from his desk!) 13 Cool Fidget Toys to Help Online. Outlets for stress are crucial for everyone. A simple solution, or at least an attempt at one, would be to have something to play with when you are feeling stressed. The same goes for kids who need help focusing. Fidget toys are a great way to assist someone in relieving stress and calming themselves down. This type of sensory toy will use your sight and touch senses to focus your mind somewhere else and off of your problems. There are ones to squeeze, roll around in your fingers, toss, play. Mar 21, 2018 - Explore Quick Fidget's board Fidget Toys on Pinterest. See more ideas about fidget toys, fidgets, fidget cube

Pavol Durdik spun a fidget spinner for three minutes, 7.59 seconds on the side of a sandal worn on his foot. 01:08. Tallest Spinning Fidget Spinner Tower Stacked On A Knife Held In Mouth Pavol Durdik. Pavol Durdik stacked eight spinning fidget spinners on a knife held in his mouth. 07:52 . Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On Thumb Ginny Smith. Record Setter spun a fidget spinner on his. Hier findet ihr alle Monster aus dem Sammelalbum von Shakes und Fidget. Dazu Dungeongegner und Raidgegner mit Bildern Shakes & Fidget. 5.0 1 8955 0 . 29.07.2017 Welche Klasse und Rasse. In Shakes and Fidget gibt es 3 Klassen und 8 Rassen, die Klassen sind: Krieger, Magier und Kundschafter. Die Rassen sind in Gute und Böse geteilt, die Guten sind: Menschen, Elfen, Zwerge, Gnome und die Bösen sind: Orks, Dunkelelfen, Gobelins, Dämonen. Es gibt nur 1 unterschied zwischen den 2 Rassen, der wären die.

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When the Ground Shakes is a child friendly disaster preparedness manual that teaches children (age 5 and up) ways of managing their fear and emotional reactions to the experience of earthquakes. When the Ground Shakes Here are some of the best fidget cubes on the market. Read full article Top Pick. Best Fidget Cube . fabquality Fidget Cube + Steel Flipping Chain - Premium Quality Fidget Cube Ball with Exclusive Protective Case, Stress Relief Toy (Black & Red) 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,779. 31% off. $8.99 $ 8. 99 $12.99 $12.99. Lowest price in 30 days. Perfectly crafted from top quality plastic, this stress and. It also creates a distraction for the other children in the class and the teacher! When choosing a fidget toy make sure it doesn't make any noise. You might need to squeeze and shake it in the shop to be sure. Find fidget toys that don't leak . Avoid any fidget toys that could leak if punctured. Unfortunately there are a number of sensory fiddle toys on the market that are not very robust. The fidget spinner craze has been sweeping elementary and middle schools. As of May 17 every one of the top 10 best-selling toys on Amazon was a form of the hand-held toy people can spin and do.

Shakes and Fidget Cheat v.3.8 [New 2013] 03:48 Add Gold Coins shakes , cheat shakes and fidget , hack shakes and fidget , Shakes and Fidget Add Silver Coins , Shakes and Fidget astuces ,. Shakes and Fidget Hack and Cheats Online Generator for Android, iOS, Amazon, Facebook and Windows Phone Get Unlimited Free Mushrooms and Gold Cheat! No Human Verification No Survey No. Shakes and Fidget Gold. Fidget toys can also provide a fun way to strengthen hands and warm-up fingers before handwriting activities and fine motor skill tasks. Sensory balls are a favorite OT sensory diet tool, make a fun gift, and are one of many fidget toys that can help relieve stress! We also have silent fidgets for the classroom, quiet fidget toys, and fidgets for feet that can help improve concentration and. Best Set Of Fidget Toys. Nov 20, 2020 - 4 Recommendations. There are those days where you tend to feel anxious and tensed or just simply bored and idle. Dealing with those instances can be hard sometimes, but with the right approach, it can be fun and satisfying. Distract yourself from the negative feelings with these fidget toys that will help you manage your stress and relieve your stress. Fidget spinners - and other hand-held fidget toys like them - have actually been around for years but, over recent weeks, they've become a bit of a playground 'thing' and loads of children are now taking them into school. And, as often happens with playground crazes, schools are now choosing to ban them. Good idea? Probably not, says Sean Chapman, who has been working for 8 years. Artikel zu Shakes & Fidget - The Game. Unabhängig. Meinungsstark. Top Impressum Nutzungsbedingungen (AGB) Datenschutzerklärung Creative Commons Lizenz Die User-generierten Inhalte dieser Website, nicht aber die redaktionellen, sind unter einer Creative Commons-Lizenz lizenziert, bis auf User-Screenshots und User-Steckbriefe (siehe Nutzungsbedingungen Punkte 9a + 9b). Die redaktionellen. Discover the best tasting smoothie recipes using a plant-based diet protocol of whole foods to nourish the body. From green smoothies to smoothie bowls to protein shakes, enjoy our collection of the best tasting and healthiest smoothies out there. Smoothies. Search for: Smoothies Snacks Meals Desserts Drinks Weight Loss Natural Remedies How To Ingredients Passion . NEW! 7-Day Meal Plan.

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